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Monroe County's cost of living and cost of food is the highest in all of Florida. SOS Foundation's staff and volunteers work hard to make healthy food available to all Monroe County families and individuals. By providing this healthy food access along with county-wide nutrition education opportunities at local public schools, afterschool programs, and cooking demonstrations for adults, SOS takes a well-rounded approach to our community's health.


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40% of the food in the United States never reaches the dinner table and enters the waste stream to decompose. Redirecting this perfectly delicious food from the landfill to our plates is one of the most significant actions we can take to combat food waste. This process is called "food recovery." 

Since 2006, SOS Foundation has recovered millions of pounds of food from South Florida Farmers, local businesses, and groceries, and redirecting it to our neighbors' dinner tables. Any food that can't be recovered for human consumption is given to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office Animal Farm for animal feed or composted at the SOS's Callahan Community Kitchen, in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency's Food Recovery Hierarchy.



Every year, SOS Foundation distributes over 2 million pounds of food to the working poor throughout Monroe County. Our food distribution network provides clients the supplemental nutrition they need at no cost, so they can afford their rent, utilities, childcare, or other household expenditures, resulting in growth to our local economy. Furthermore, the SOS Foundation has a yearly fundraiser, the Casino Night Gala, which has high net gains for our non-profit, thus enabling SOS to continue serving our community.


SOS clients and volunteers tell us how SOS has made an impact.


Noutchy and her friend Deb visited the SOS food pantry to stock up on fresh produce! Little Noutchy loves SOS because she can always find pretty clothes, notebooks, and pencils to prepare for the school year. Did you know that the SOS food bank also distributes clothing, pet food, and house supplies?


Gilbert moved to Key West four years ago from New Mexico with his niece. He found a steady job working in boatyards, until a stroke rendered him physically unable to perform hard, manual labor. Gilbert visits the SOS food pantry once a week but hopes to get back into the workforce as soon as possible.


He describes:"The SOS food pantry saved us. My stroke really affected my hands and motor skills, and I was unable to support us. I come to the food pantry once a week, and it helps put food on the table and keeps us from going without. Everyone is so nice and respectful to me here, and I am thankful to have this place. I can not only feed myself and my niece but can also get food for my cat, Jack. This food pantry is here for me if I need it, and that's a blessing."


"I always knew that when my clients came to the food pantry, they'd be taken care of. People come to the SOS food pantry and they're always treated nicely. Everyone deserves respect. SOS is special because we give people the right to choose to want they want. They are able to find exactly what they need and we develop a personal relationship with them along the way, and that's really special."


Laura  is a social worker who volunteers with SOS to continue making a difference in people's lives every day. 


“If I didn’t have this, I wouldn’t have hardly that much to eat at all… It took me three years to get disability, but once you get disability then you don’t get food stamps. If it wasn’t for this {pantry] I wouldn’t have bread and food. And the vegetables- sometimes that’s very good. Sometimes it’s unbelievable! You wouldn’t believe sometimes how many. And it’s all fresh stuff... All the people here- the homeless, the people living on boats, even the people on land, we appreciate you all so much. If it weren’t for you we wouldn’t be able to be here.”