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A Trip To Italy

The Callahan Community Kitchen hosts a community cooking class each month as part of our nutrition education programming. This month we had the pleasure of having Chef Pietro from SHOR at the Hyatt Centric lead our class with a very special, authentic dish from Italy. Twenty-three participants watched and learned how to make “Pizzocherri Bianchi de Chiavenna.” Popular in the Northern mountainous regions of Italy, it was first identified in 1550 and continues to use everyday staples one can find in their kitchen such as potatoes, garlic, flour, milk, and butter. It can even be made from leftover bread pieces, making it a very versatile and budget-friendly dish.

Chef Pietro really brought a piece of Italy to our kitchen, and we are grateful to him for sharing his culture with us through this traditional and decadent Italian dish. He has previously volunteered at the Stock Island Food Pantry and helped to organize a hygiene drive effort with the Hyatt Centric after Hurricane Ian. We appreciate his constant support of SOS and look forward to working with him again in the future.

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