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Free Virtual Nutrition Class

March was National Nutrition Month, and what better way to celebrate than through a virtual nutrition class hosted by SOS’s Kitchen Director and Registered Dietitian, Suzie Bruels! This free virtual nutrition class demonstrated tips to increase fruit and vegetable intake and provided healthy, fun recipes to make when on-the-go. After demonstrating four different recipes, including “Salad in a Jar,” viewers hopefully walked away with practical knowledge of how to improve their meal’s nutritional value without sacrificing flavor!

Suzie said about her class, “Salad in a Jar is a great hack to eat more salads in your life and to enhance your lunch. Corn salad was chosen because it is a mild and well-liked savory recipe that can be made very easily and added to any meal, even breakfast. I picked the beet and the cabbage salads because of how good both beets and cabbage are for the digestive tract. The chickpea salad is less well-known but is a great substitute for chicken or tuna salad, is also great on its own, and is a cold option for a lean protein source.”

We have missed having opportunities to be in touch with our community, but this digital event was a great way to learn together and have a little fun.

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