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From Farm to Table: Eco-Friendly Cooking Class

In a recent blog, we learned all about how to choose a climate-conscious diet, which was also the focus of our most recent cooking class! Since that post, SOS welcomed Chef Abigail Houff of Seaside Shallots back to our kitchen to teach our monthly cooking class. As a primarily plant-based chef, Abigail taught us how to make Veggie Street Tacos with a Mango Slaw. The dish featured a plethora of veggies ranging from golden beets to avocado to zucchinis, and it was paired with the sweet garnish of a mango slaw.

By choosing to forgo meat and focus on plants, Abigail’s tacos have significantly lower carbon emissions than most animal products would naturally have. Additionally, she made sure to incorporate locally sourced produce from her Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) Box and a mango tree in her own backyard. By choosing local produce, emissions related to transportation are significantly reduced, creating a greener (and healthier!) meal.

Everyone who attended the class loved trying Veggie Street Tacos and learning a unique recipe which you can find below!

For more information on sustainable cooking, read this document from Chef Abigail!

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