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From Flour to Fun: How Our Kid-Friendly Cooking Class Taught Whole Grain Goodness!

Kids make the best audience, which is why we hosted a kid-friendly cooking class last month!

Inviting children and their guardians to our kitchen, we stressed the importance of prioritizing healthy, whole grains as opposed to refined grains.

To teach about whole grains we made whole wheat pizzas, showing how to make healthy dough from scratch!

Each pizza was uniquely kneaded, shaped, and topped by our young chefs. Not only did they learn a lesson about nutrition, but they got to practice life skills like measuring ingredients, reading and following recipe instructions, and safely using kitchen tools.

While pizzas baked in the oven, our AmeriCorps VISTA member, Phoebe, led the class in a presentation all about whole grains. Together we learned how each whole grain kernel has three parts (bran, germ, and endosperm). While refined grains remove one or more parts of this kernel, whole grains leave the kernels intact, ensuring we receive full nutritional benefits. Enriched grains refer to those grains that have some nutritional benefits removed before being added back to the grain. While these grains can often have a longer shelf life or provide versatility in foods, they are still lacking nutritional benefits found in whole grains.

Thanks to all who came out to enjoy! Check out our last blog post for the recipe so you and your family can make a whole grain pizza at home!

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