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SOS Foundation's Culinary Exploration: Shop Smart, Save Big Cooking Class

At the SOS Foundation, we're passionate about culinary exploration and the joy of discovering new flavors. Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting a cooking class that highlighted the incredible versatility of simple ingredients in the kitchen. Our goal? To showcase how a handful of pantry staples can be transformed into multiple mouth watering meals, all while reducing waste and saving money. This event was part of our Shop Smart, Save Big series, where we empower our clients with essential skills like healthy eating, meal planning, unit pricing awareness, and savvy shopping techniques! With just a selection of bell peppers, celery, carrots, onions, radishes, cabbage, and peas, we embarked on a culinary journey, creating three distinct recipes: spring rolls, egg rolls, and fried rice. It's amazing what a few adjustments can do to elevate familiar ingredients into palate-pleasing dishes.

For our spring rolls, we embraced the delicateness of rice paper, filling it with a colorful array of julienned peppers, carrots, radishes, and fragrant cilantro, resulting in a refreshing, cold delight. Turning our attention to egg rolls, we sautéed a medley of cabbage and vegetables with a dash of soy sauce, then added a hint of richness by incorporating egg into our egg roll shells. The end result? Crispy, golden perfection that left us craving more. And who could resist the allure of fried rice? Using the same ingredients, we conjured up a dish that's as addictive as it is delicious. Curious about our secret? Scroll down for the recipe!

At the SOS Foundation, we're firm believers that cooking should be both rewarding and sustainable. By harnessing the potential of everyday ingredients, we're not just creating meals – we're fostering a community of culinary enthusiasts who embrace creativity, minimize waste, and savor every bite. So, whether you're a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice, join us in our mission to celebrate the magic of cooking. Together, let's Shop Smart and Save Big, one delicious meal at a time!

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