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CSA Boxes



What Is A CSA Box?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. This is a beneficial relationship between local farmers and community members where individuals pay upfront for a weekly box of produce grown on the farm. The farmer can use that upfront cost to get supplies to help grow the crops. 

Urban Oasis Project CSA Boxes are packed with an assortment of the best seasonal local produce, including tropical fruits, fresh vegetables, leafy greens, and herbs.

How It Works

Pay a one-time, upfront fee that covers the cost of the CSA boxes and delivery to SOS. Then pick up your bountiful boxes in Key Largo every other Monday or in Key West every other Tuesday!

Cost: $40 per box ($240 total), payable by check or PayPal. ​View our Sign Up for more details!

Program Timeline: May 19 - July 28, 2024 (six bi-weekly boxes)

Bi-Weekly Pick-ups: 

Mondays, 1:30-5PM; St. Justin's Martyr Church (105500 Overseas HWY)              Tuesdays, 8AM-4PM;  SOS Community Kitchen (1020 United St. Key West)   


*Please note, our Summer CSA operates on a bi-weekly basis only, unlike our growing season CSA which operates weekly!


Our Partnership

SOS is building upon our mission to increase healthy food access for all by partnering with local farms in the South Florida region. Urban Oasis Project supports 20+ South Florida farms with their CSA boxes, aggregating the locally grown, fresh produce and herbs before distributing them to consumers in weekly boxes.



What will be in each box?

Each box will vary, but will contain a variety of about 8 locally grown, fresh local produce and herbs. Each box is an adequate amount for two people. For example, in January 2022, Urban Oasis’ CSA box contained mushrooms, eggplants, bananas, avocados, zucchini, lettuce, turmeric, scallions, okra, kale, and lemons!

NOTE: If you participated in last year's CSA, this year's partnership is with a different organization, and the boxes will be slightly smaller than before. 

How big is a box?

Boxes vary in dimension depending on the fruits and vegetables distributed that week. However, each box contains approximately 8 different fruits, vegetables, and herbs, and is a great supply for two people. You can always split your CSA box with a neighbor or a friend!

Can I choose what will be in my box?

 Boxes are determined by the farmers and volunteers at Urban Oasis based on availability. If there's anything in the box that you don't like, you can share with your friends, your neighbors, or donate to SOS!

How do I pickup my box?

Key West: Your CSA box can be picked up from the SOS Callahan Community Kitchen, located at 1020 United Street in Key West, Florida, every other Tuesday between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. The program will run from May 19 - July 28th, with boxes available on a bi-weekly basis. Please come inside the kitchen and tell a staff member you are here for CSA box pickup. They will then check your name off our list and grab your box for you. 

Key Largo: Your CSA box can be picked up at SOS's Pantry located at St. Justin's Martyr Church every other Monday from 1:30-5PM. The program will run from May 19 - July 28th, with boxes available on a bi-weekly basis. When you enter the St. Justin's parking lot from US 1, turn left towards the side of the Parish Hall. On the door will be a sign to "Knock for CSA Boxes." A volunteer will check your name off our list and grab your box for you. 

What happens if I can't pickup my box?

If you would like to have someone pick up on your behalf, please contact Lindsay ( with their name. Unless you arrange a separate pick up time in advance, leftover boxes will be donated to SOS's Child Meals Program or a household in need. Unfortunately, we cannot provide reimbursement for missed pick ups. If you reach out to Lindsay in advance, we will make every effort to arrange a pick-up that works for you.

More questions?

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