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SOS Foundation

A quick overview of SOS and our hunger relief efforts.

Food Pantries

Of food pantry clients reported worrying about running out of food in
the past12 months


IMG_7852 (2).jpg

Pounds of food recovered from farms in the past 8 months


Covers the cost of rice and beans for 16 households, for distribution at SOS's pantries

$ 35

$ 70

Covers the cost of a week's worth of groceries for one family

$ 125

Covers the cost of approximately 500 servings of fresh produce for children and seniors throughout the keys

Community Kitchen

Fresh meals prepared in the last year.



Of seniors said their diet is healthier because of the SOS meals they receive.


Covers 80 portions of fresh produce that will be served to children and senior citizens in the keys.


Covers the cost of 60 nourishing whole grain sandwiches for underserved children.

$ 75

$ 375

Covers the cost of 88 servings of homemade lasagna for
low- income senior citizens.

Nutrition Education

Lessons taught in the last calendar year


IMG_8080 (1).jpg

Of students said the education content was "new" information
(16-wk curriculum)


$ 15

Covers the cost of seeds for kids to plant for 2 tower gardens.

$ 125

Covers the cost of a snack for 105 kids in a nutrition education course.

$ 210

Covers the cost of supplies for a tower garden at one of our nutrition education sites.

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