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Food Pantries

St Justin's - Key Largo

Location:  105500 Overseas Hwy

Key Largo, FL 

Weekly Schedule:

Mondays 1:30 P - 5:00 P

Stock Island Pantry

Location:  5640 Maloney Ave 

 Stock Island, FL 

Weekly Schedule:

Mondays & Thursdays 9:30 A - 6:00 P

Tuesdays & Wednesdays 9:30 A - 3:30 P



1.6 Mil

pounds of food distributed through SOS's food pantries in 2023

$2.8 Mil

in savings, for working-poor Monroe County Households


pounds of food recovered from farms in 2023


client food pantry visits
in 2023

Learn About This Program

The SOS Foundation opened the doors to its first pantry in 2006. Now, every year SOS distributes enough food for 1.6 million meals out of its two client-choice pantries. Produce makes up 50% of the food distributed through the pantries, and SOS partners with Farm Share and retailers to distribute produce and other foods that would have otherwise gone to waste. This provides an economically and environmentally sustainable source of nutritious food for clients. By pairing health-focused initiatives, like taste testings and cooking education opportunities, with the availability of healthy foods, our food pantries improve food security for thousands of Monroe County residents. 

Produce makes up 50% of the food distributed through the pantries

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Access This Program

SOS has a food pantry on Stock Island in the Lower Keys and a food pantry in Key Largo in the Upper Keys. Our food pantries are client-choice, which means you can choose which foods you would like. We offer vegetables, fruits, meats, bread, and shelf-stable items like rice and beans.

The food pantries are open to everyone and do not have income or citizenship requirements. To register at the pantries, new clients must bring proof of each household member, which can include birth certificates, IDs, report cards, proof of school enrollment, or other. Each visit, clients must bring their own bags. Clients may visit the pantry one time per week. The hours for each pantry are below. To learn more about what to expect on your first visit, see our frequently asked questions page.  

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Donor Spotlight:

Publix Charities

Publix Charities granted SOS funds to support our Food Recovery Program. This program makes nutritious, edible foods available to low-income Monroe County households that would otherwise be sent to the landfill. SOS recovers food locally and regionally for redistribution at our two client-choice food pantries. Thank you Publix Charities for your generous support!

Support This Program


Noutchy and her friend Deb visited the SOS food pantry to stock up on fresh produce! Little Noutchy loves SOS because she can always find pretty clothes, notebooks, and pencils to prepare for the school year. Did you know that the SOS food bank also distributes clothing, pet food, and house supplies?


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If I didn’t have this, I wouldn’t have hardly that much to eat at all… It took me three years to get disability, but once you get disability then you don’t get food stamps. If it wasn’t for this {pantry] I wouldn’t have bread and food. And the vegetables- sometimes that’s very good. Sometimes it’s unbelievable! You wouldn’t believe sometimes how many. And it’s all fresh stuff... All the people here- the homeless, the people living on boats, even the people on land, we appreciate you all so much. If it weren’t for you we wouldn’t be able to be here.


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