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SOS Foundation

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster a healthier Monroe County community by increasing equitable food access through food distribution, food recovery, and nutrition education.


Our History

Star of the Sea Foundation (SOS) was founded in 2006 to increase the health and well-being of low-income individuals and families in Monroe County, Florida via our client-choice food pantry. Client-choice food pantries allow clients to select their own foods, enabling them to choose items they can actually utilize, that are culturally relevant, and sensitive to different dietary restrictions. This results in more satisfied clients and a significant reduction in food waste.

As one of the largest pantries in South Florida, SOS currently distributes fresh produce, meats, dairy products, breads, and canned goods to over 10,000 unduplicated individuals each year as well as 35 different agencies that serve children, veterans, seniors, and the homeless across Monroe County. Utilizing primarily volunteer support, SOS distributes 2,000,000 pounds of food annually to these underserved populations. As nutrition and healthy eating are both key focuses of our organization, more than 50% of the food we distribute is fresh produce. Most recently, SOS has expanded its efforts via the Community Kitchen and Nutrition Education program.

Our Programs

DEI Statement

SOS believes all people, regardless of race, age, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, migratory status, and socioeconomic background deserve access to healthy food.

The SOS Foundation is committed to reducing racial, ethnic, and other disparities in food access and nutrition-related diseases. Equity is a key component of our programs, and SOS’s staff and volunteers are devoted to inclusive and equity-driven program design and implementation. 

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