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2022 Annual Report

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Letter from SOS's Executive Director

Dear friends of SOS-


As I wrap up my first full year as Executive Director (and eighth year with SOS),

I am incredibly proud to be the leader of this organization doing so much to improve the health and wellbeing of Monroe County residents.


As you will see firsthand throughout this Annual Report, SOS spent the year working to ensure that everyone in our community, regardless of their income, had access to healthy food: We distributed hundreds of thousands of pounds nutritious food via SOS’s two client-choice food pantries; prepared tens of thousands of fresh meals at the SOS Community Kitchen for children and seniors; provided weekly nutrition education to students within Monroe County title 1 schools; hosted interactive cooking demonstrations and community events; responded to natural disasters; fostered volunteer opportunities; and ultimately served 12,000 of our community members in need. A full 15% of the Monroe County population.


The resounding impact of these programs is a testament to the tireless dedication of the SOS staff, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude to work with each and every one of them. Thank you to our staff, volunteers, donors, and community partners for supporting our critical efforts to increase healthy food access throughout Monroe County. I express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to everyone who supported our programs during the last year and in all the years prior. We would not be where we are today without you!

SOS has big plans for 2023, and we hope you will join us as we work to foster healthier generations of Monroe County families!

With gratitude,

Emily Nixon

Executive Director

2022 Highlights














Client Choice Food Pantries

Through SOS's client choice food pantries and food distributions, SOS aims to make healthy food accessible to all. Approximately 50% of the food distributed at our pantries is recovered fresh produce. By saving money on food costs, clients have more funds to put towards rent, utilities, childcare, healthcare, and other costs of living.

1.05 mil

meals provided

in savings

$2.6 mil

for working-poor Monroe County households

- R. Charles

The grocery store is very expensive. Now $20 gets you nothing when it used to be able to get lots. 7 people, 5 kids, in my family so it’s definitely a huge impact and that’s why I am so glad to be able to come here. 

more new clients


than in 2021



volunteer hours

At our Pantries

Fresh Meals Programs

Meals prepared at SOS's Callahan Community Kitchen are five components: a fruit, vegetable, grain, protein, and low-fat milk. Meals utilize 90% fresh fruits and vegetables, prioritize whole wheat and 100% whole grains, and limit the consumption of high-sodium, high-salt snacks that are often the norm for many children and seniors.


meals prepared


Do they have a secret ingredient? Their food is always so good.

- Child, Boys & Girls Club

of seniors believe there diet is healthier because of the SOS meals they receive




volunteer hours

At our Community Kitchen

Nutrition & Agricultural Education

After piloting a 16-week curriculum at Gerald Adams Elementary in Spring 2022, SOS was awarded the USDA's prestigious Farm to School Grant for the 2022-2023 school year. These funds enable SOS to lead weekly nutrition and agricultural education lessons at three Title One schools in Monroe County, host school-wide taste-testing events, engage students in field trips to local farms each semester, and collaborate with community partners on the use of local produce!



of students gained a better understanding of agriculture


According to pre and post-surveys



Community Cooking Classes

SOS offered free hands-on cooking classes and cooking demonstrations at the SOS Callahan Community Kitchen. Each class and demonstration is lead by a local chef, and highlights the use of local, seasonal, budget-friendly ingredients. Anyone is welcome, but classes are marketed specifically towards pantry clients.



SOS has been amazing with the demonstrations programs where they show us how to cook amazing meals in the most effective, delicious, and cheapest way. SOS, they are simply amazing.


Client & Class Attendee



On the Horizon

USDA Urban Agriculture Grant

In 2023, SOS and MARC House will partner on a Community Tower Garden Farm, to produce food locally and offer educational opportunities for all ages.

USDA Local Food Promotion Program

Through a variety of programs in 2023, SOS will be working to increase local food access for Monroe County & Homestead residents, while creating new market opportunities for South Florida farmers.


Join our amazing volunteer community and make a difference today!

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We have a Monthly E-Newsletter and Weekly Donation Wishlist.

We accept donations of food, clothing, funds, and more!

SOS Staff

SOS is extremely grateful for our dedicated, kind-hearted team of staff who work hard

every day to make Monroe County healthier and more food-secure.

Screenshot 2022-09-07 090811.png

SOS Board of Directors

Doria Goodrich (President)

Pat Nossov, DVM (Treasurer) Thomas M. Callahan (Director)

Fr. John Baker (Director)

Erica Sterling Hughes (Director)

Nathan Eden (Director)

SOS's Volunteer Program

The impact of volunteers' time and effort towards SOS's programs cannot be overstated. The need in Monroe County surpasses SOS's small staff's capacity, and therefore we would not be able to feed and educate 11,000+ Keys residents without the generosity and devotion of our volunteers.

7CF1FF86-0DEA-4FA0-B1C7-4626C69CBEA2 (1).JPG

Over the past year, volunteers have supported the following efforts:

kitchen meals, pantry distributions, nutrition education classes, collection of donations at a local stores, distribution of weekend meals via SOS's backpack program, donation solicitations, weekly donation wishlist distribution, local tabling efforts, food and clothing drives, leading of cooking classes, and more!


Volunteer Hall Of Fame

Acosta, Natalie

Adler, JD

Antonowich, Ruth

Bacler, James

Banton, Rickinson

Belton, Heather

Benado, Jill

Berthold, Maggie Berthold, Maxwell

Blair, Shannon

Blum, Wallace

Bowes, Ginny

Brutcher, Callie

Callahan, Brenda Callahan, Thomas Canton, Fabiola

Cayle, Eric

Codde, Winter

Collins, Michael

Connell, Pat

Consorti , Pietro

Cruz, Fernanda

de Vorona, Arisleydi DeAngelis, Ellen deBettencourt, Michael Del Rio, Raul

DeMarco, Linda DeMartino, Donna Derrig, Jean

Duffy, Sue

Dumas, Quinn

Dumas, Quinn

Ferguson-Hodges, Raven Flatley, Joe

Ford, Dan

Ford, Lisa

Fritz, Kathy

Fuentes, Steven

Galusic, Marina

Garcia, Joe

Gerke, Scott

Gervasi, Tony Goldberg, Jill

Gomez, Chris Greenfield, Karrin Gregersen, Brock Grohol, Mark

Hann, Barb Heichelbech, Nita

Hill, Laurel

Hodgson, Joni

Houff, Abigail

Hubbard, John Hutchisn, Laura

Jacobi, Michael

Jenner, Beth

Johnson, David Johnson, Leslie Johnson, Lisa

Kaufman, Lee

Kenner, Angela Kerwick, Richard Kirkbride, Tami

Klasing, Robert

Klasing, Joanne Koenig, Kelly Kostmayer, Pamela Kyer, Laura

Leigle, Theresa London, Jeyson

Lopez, Francisca

Lopez, Mario

Lopez, Nelson

M, Lesther

Manse, Roger

Maria, Dolores

Martin, Debbie Martinez, Gustavo Mastrobuono, Patricia

Mathews, Kelly

McCann, William McCarthy, Rita

McDaniel, Steve McManus, James McManus, Tess

McPeters, Joy

Menditch, Lisa

Michaels, Sally

Michaels, Art

Mills, Kathy

Mobley, Kathryn Monteiro, Lorrie

Moody, Jeanette

Moore, Betsy

Morse Whitten, Rebecca Mumford, Lew

Nevins, Carol

Niekamp, Pam

Night, Patrick

Nossov, Pat

O’Connor, Mary

Pardillo, George

Penney, Jessica

Perez, Adam

Perez, Kassandra

Pfeiffer, Michael

Piccillo, Maureen

Pollack, Maxine

Power, John

Rade, Rachel

Robles, Elia

Robles, Kevin

Rodriguez, Belinda Rodriguez, Melanie

Ross, Marsha

Ruocco, Joe

Ruocco, Lynne

Ruth, Ana

Santiago, Ada

Scalera, Tony

Scerbo, Barbara Schoen, Kalena

Segal, Dylan

Senez, Gwendolin

Shiri, Mary

Silfen, Diane

Silvestre Mushi, Sr Mary Smith, Jaimee Smotryski, Nathan Springer, Steve

Stilley, Laura

Strickland, Stuart

Suri, Ariuska

Sympson, Bill

Sympson, Kathy Tarpley, Connie Thomas, Jennifer

Tolf, Linda

Torres, Jorge

Touhey, Suzanne

Tree, Connie

Vance, Johnny

Varnum, Gigi

Verde, Jean

Vilchez, Kenneth

Vogt, Maureen Volpenhein, Lindsay Wagner, Kip

Wagner, Sandra Walton, Lois

Warne, Jessica

Waters, Daniel

Weber, Catherine Wilusz, Carol

Winkler, Ed

Withow, Noah

Thank you, SOS Donors!

The Mission of the SOS Foundation is to foster a

Healthier Monroe County community

through food distribution, food recovery, and nutrition education.

We would not be able to achieve that mission without the individual donors, community partners, and private foundations who fund these efforts. SOS is very thankful for their support!


In 2022 the SOS Foundation was supported by:


Individual Donors


Community Partners


Private Foundations

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