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Healthier Food
For A Healthier Community


fresh meals prepared in the last year



Average overall rating of SOS community cooking class experience

(out of 5)


of students said the education content was "new" information (16-week curriculum)


pounds of food distributed through SOS's food pantries in 2021

About SOS Foundation

Founded in 2006 as a single food pantry on Stock Island, SOS now operates two client-choice food pantries, a community kitchen used to operate our fresh meals program, and a nutrition education program


Fresh Meals Program

Meals prepared at the Kitchen utilize 90% fresh fruits and vegetables, prioritize whole wheat and 100% grains, and limit the consumption of high-sodium, high-salt snacks that are the norm for many children and seniors.


SOS Food Pantries

Every year SOS distributes enough food for 1.6 million meals out of its two client-choice pantries.

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Cooking Demonstrations

Our classes aim to educate the Lower Keys community about climate-cautious, cost-friendly, and nutritious food preparation while engaging the community through a culture of health, food, and fun.

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In 2018, the SOS Foundation began providing nutrition and agriculture education at school and childcare sites throughout the Florida Keys. SOS currently offers three nutrition and agriculture curricula.

Support Our Mission

Monroe County

10.6% of Monroe County households live below the poverty line. An additional 30% of Monroe County households live paycheck to paycheck highlighting the need for support in the Keys. 

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