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A Delectable Experience with Chef John Correa!

On Monday, March 18th, the SOS Callahan Community Kitchen was abuzz with culinary excitement as we welcomed Chef John Correa from Cafe Sole for an unforgettable Beef Wellington cooking demonstration. With his infectious enthusiasm and wealth of culinary knowledge, Chef John led our class on a tantalizing journey through the creation of this classic dish.

From the get-go, Chef John ensured active participation, inviting students to immerse themselves in the cooking process by tasting ingredients and lending a hand in preparing the Beef Wellington. As the savory aromas filled the air, he regaled us with tales of the dish's origins and the nuances of the wine chosen to complement it, keeping us all thoroughly engaged.

Chef John's expertise shone brightly as he effortlessly fielded questions from the eager audience, sharing insightful tips and tricks along the way. It was evident that his passion for cooking and dedication to his craft were unwavering.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to Chef John for graciously imparting his culinary wisdom upon us. His presence truly elevated the experience, leaving us inspired to further explore the artistry of cooking.

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