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Summer Community Cooking Classes

This summer, SOS hosted two community cooking classes at our Community Kitchen, and we had a wonderful time learning and eating together! Chef Juan Cuadra from Ocean’s Edge Resort kicked off the summer classes with his healthy spin on ramen. The class was led in “Spanglish” and utilized pantry ingredients including locally sourced green papaya. Those who attended were able to see the versatile, healthy, and budget-friendly nature of ramen when we remove the seasoning packet and add our own twist.

Just a week later, Sam Rodas from Date and Thyme came in to teach a hands-on plantain empanada class! She prepared her homemade dough in advance so the class participants could fill their empanadas with savory mofongo or sweet caramelized plantains. While empanadas are usually fried, Sam has perfected her own recipe for baking empanadas, thus removing added oils and fat. She made plenty of extra dough so everyone could take home a batch of fresh empanadas.

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for these awesome guest chefs who donated their time and effort to create an exciting culinary experience for our community. It is amazing to see the creativity each guest brings to their cooking class and to see our attendees enjoy the learning process. If you were unable to make it, stay tuned in to our social media (@sosflkeys on Facebook and Instagram) for more exciting classes to come!

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